About us ?

Our story ... Once upon a time Carboneras!

The sunny and festive country of Spain, a few hours from all European capitals, inspired us more than 15 years ago. However, there is no question of finding ourselves in a big city with its buildings and its denatured coastline.

Our goal was at the time, and it has not changed, to find a quiet place, enjoying a low cost of living, while having the benefits of everyday comfort, embellished with the sea and of the sun.

Our research brought us to Carboneras located in the province of Almeria, Andalusia region for which we had a real crush.

Remember these films: Lawrence of Arabia, Once Upon a Time in the West ... These landscapes so often used by many filmmakers (Sergio LEONE, David LEAN, etc ...).

Just spend a few days of vacation, to see ...

The diversity of landscapes, some of which can remind us of southern Morocco and its architecture and climate.

The beaches bathed by the Mediterranean that seem to belong to us.

And for those who prefer a more lively life, there is also a beautiful seaside resort about fifteen kilometers away.

Cultural heritage, leisure activities and gastronomy respect tradition in harmony with modernity and perfectly complement our expectations.

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